GenderSwapper is a free Browser Extension that will replace all words related to gender with their equivalent opposite. It also features a MenKampf setting. You might love it because it's absolutely fantastic to highlight double standards and hypocrisy in tabloids and social media!

Try it out! No need to install it - just use this formular to see how well the algorithm works!

The actual Extension has more Settings, the used wordlists in this example might be outdated.

Wordlists - Menkampf

One of the wordlists you can choose from is MenKampf. This wordlist will make texts written by radical feminists and ‘SJWs’ appear like a chapter from “mein kampf”, highlighting hypocrisy and hate.

With this setting “No one should read books of CIS white men” will become “No one should read books of homosexual black jews”, “It's not a conspiracy theory to realize that the world is ruled by patriarchs, by men.” will become “It's not a conspiracy theory to realize that the world is ruled by zionists, by Jews.” and so on.

Note: I do not support any non-factual conspiracy theories, anti-semitism nor racism. The whole point of GenderSwapper is to highlight double standards. How begruding the success of some groups and slandering them is socially acceptable wheres we would never tolerate the same things said about another group. How we would immediatly notice how lunatic the person sounds if they say it about another group or how it becomes more obvious how an author is constantly praising one group while defaming another group and pretenting to be for the equality of both groups.
If you use the MenKampf filter on "All Genders, women, men and transsexuals should be treated equally" it will turn it into "All races, germans, jews and blacks should be treated equally".
As such, in most cases, MenKampf applied on neutral texts will produce boring or simply absurd and silly results.

Don't blame my Extension for the Sexism and Racism of other people! It's only highlighting it, not producing it.

Open Source

This Extension is open source under the GPL3 licence.

You can access the source files by simply opening the XPI or CRX file with 7zip or winrar.

Technical limitations

This Extension generally depends upon decent grammar (though it recognizes some common spelling mistakes) and even than it will sometimes miss words or replace some words it shouldn't.
However the results are really good by now and it's constantly getting updated.

I suggest to try out the formular above to see just how well the algorithm works.

Why is this not officially listed on Mozilla’s Addon page?

This Extension was initially approved and available on Mozilla, however just a few hours after a news article complained about a similar (but less elaborate) Addon for being too offensive my Addon got dismissed by Mozilla as it was against their terms and conditions.


The Extensions is mostly finished at this point.

If this browser extension ever gets more popular I'll add the ability to create new wordlists and the ability to share and rate them on this website, including the ability to easily download wordlists other uses have created.

What are some interesting Websites to browse?

Any tabloids and clickbait websites. They frequently use topics related to gender to fuel negative emotions and schism while pretending to be against that, this Extension makes that fairly obvious. MenKampf or the default wordlist work both well. (hint: use the search function and search for "feminism", "mra" or something related to gender politics on their websites) is quite interesting, do not forget to use the "default + pua lingo" wordlist.
Go to or and search for something related to sex, like "blowjob", "cunnilingus" or "seduction" with the default wordlist. It's hilarious.
Twitter isn't that fun to browse because people tend to write as if they were illiterate and this extension can't swap tweets that are loaded afterwards via javascript. (I might try to add that as a feature)
If you care about gamergate in one way or another, reading some articles about gamergate with the "gaming => feminism" wordlist is very amusing.
That were at least websites that I found interesting. However I've spent more time coding than actually using this extension so go see for yourself.